St Macartan's, Clogher

St. Macartan's is a premier 33 bed nursing residential Care Home located in the centre of the small rural town of Clogher, Co Tyrone.

St. Macartan's is a premier 33 bed nursing residential Care Home, fitted with highly specialised care equipment, lifts, hoists, chairs and custom installed bedroom, washroom and toilet facilities. At St. Macartan's we care for, help and support our residents while preserving their dignity and enabling them to live their twilight years in maximum comfort and happiness. We are staffed by a structured and experienced management team - nurses, care assistants, caterers and laundry personnel delivering compassionate and quality care, 24 hours a day.

The building is a magnificent Georgian house with palatial interior, set in extensive grounds and gardens, located in the centre of the small rural town of Clogher, Co Tyrone.

Offering quality care for:

  • Able bodied residents.
  • Semi and fully dependent patients.
  • Short term placements for respite and convalescent care.
  • Dedicated unit for dementia which has separate sitting dining facilities and is secure.

Why Choose Us
At St. Macartan's all our residents are held “In the very gentle hands of people who genuinely care". When making the decision to place an elderly relative in care, it is vitally important to consider an organisation’s capacity for providing compassionate nursing care for one our most dependent groups of citizens, “the elderly”.

Our entire staff strives to do our utmost to ensure that the declining years of our residents are as happy and contented as possible. St. Macartan's currently has a policy of “no top up fees”. St. Macartan's together with its sister Care Homes is now recognised as one of the premier care establishments in the province of Ulster.

Kilmorey Care staff have recently joined together as a team, in their own time, to fund raise for a specially adapted transport vehicle, offering residents the opportunity for travel and outings. This is an example of the high level of attention our staff give to the daily care of your loved one.

The management of St Macartan's have put in place the very best, layout, equipment and services for the convenience of patients and to maximise comfort and ease of use for all.

The home is registered with the Western and Southern Health and Social Services Trust along with other Trusts and also with the Regulatory, Quality and Improvement Authority (RQIA) and regularly inspected. Referrals to the home can be made through Social Services or privately.