RESPONSIBLE TO:    Home Manager 

REPORTS TO:            Staff Nurse

 PURPOSE OF THE JOB: To lead an activities programme and ensure activities are carried out in each home for at least 2 hours daily.


  • Assist the Home Manager to develop an activities plan suitable to their home.
  • Review this plan on a monthly basis taking into account the patients in the home and their abilities.
  • Encourage care assistants to be part of the Home’s activities plan and supervise them until you are satisfied that they are competent in what they are doing.
  • Train care assistants in the documentation of activities. This should be audited monthly and the information passed to the Nurses for inclusion in the patients care plan.
  • Assist in the organisation of fundraising initiatives within the home
  • Assist the Home Manager in planning events such as coffee mornings, summer outings etc.
  • Provide comfort and company on a one-to-one basis for residents who are unable to participate in any form of activity
  • Participate in staff and residents meetings as and when required
  • To carry out any other tasks reasonably assigned to you.

You should note that under the Health & Safety at work legislation you are required to take all reasonable steps while at work to ensure your own health and safety and the health and safety of those who may be affected by your acts and omissions at work.  You are also required to co-operate fully with regard to the implementation of Health & Safety arrangements and you should not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of Health and Safety and Welfare at work.

The job description will be subject to review in the light of changing circumstances and is not intended to be rigid and inflexible but should be regarded as providing guidelines within which the individual works.