Moving Into a Care Home

We understand that the decision to move into a care home is not always an easy one to make. We understand that you and your family may be feeling anxious at this time but once you have made the decision there are some things to consider that will help make the transition as pleasant and relaxed as possible.

Before Moving In

Visit our homes and speak to residents and staff to get an idea of what it’s like to live there. We suggest that you make an appointment and view the nursing home with the home manager. This will ensure all the aspects of the home are explained to you.

Take Familiar Belongings

Photos and items of sentimental value such as pictures, small pieces of furniture and personal effects will help personalise your room and make you feel more settled.

Find Your Nearest Kilmorey Care Home

Tell Us What You Like

When you move into the home, we will meet with you to create your care plan. This plan will tell us what your likes and dislikes are. Your care plan will help cater for your social, physical and spiritual needs.

Go to Relatives and Residents Meetings

You will be invited to attend relatives and residents’ meetings. We would encourage you to attend as often as possible. These meetings are open to residents, their friends, relatives and advocates. Our meetings are a good way to get your opinion heard and to let us know what you may want and need.

Participate in Home Life

We would encourage all residents to participate as much as possible in home life. It is important for your well-being that you participate in daily activities and avail of as many of our social activities as possible.

Get in Touch to Discuss Your Loved One’s Care Needs